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Additional Services

Beyond customized fixed income investment management, AAM assists clients through a variety of additional services as needed. Some examples include:

  • Portfolio optimization
  • Rating agency support
  • Ongoing regulatory/accounting insight and support
  • Custodian reviews
  • Analysis of the investment portfolio of acquisitions
  • Cash flow testing and forecasting
What Kind of Insurer Are You?

The kind of business your company underwrites will determine many aspects of your investment approach.

Property & Casualty

AAM can help you find the right mix of taxable and tax-exempt assets to generate the optimal after-tax net income.
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AAM's expertise in asset/liability modeling can help you maximize the spread between income and crediting rates.
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AAM can help you navigate a changing environment with appropriate liquidity.
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AAM can provide the advice and industry experience to help you make the right decisions for your members.
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